What I learned from Steve Jobs
Wed, 5/10/11 – 21:02 | No Comment

Today the world loses a brilliant visionary creator and business mind. Here are some of the things I’ve learned from the life of Steve Jobs.

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Kickstarter project launching soon
Fri, 2/03/12 – 1:14 | No Comment

I’ll be launching a Kickstarter project this month. I hope you’ll consider supporting it!

Social media score
Thu, 2/02/12 – 1:55 | No Comment

Several months after Facebook changed their rules on RSS importing, I’ve finally gotten around to setting up a new method for crossposting from here to there. Thanks to @Dustin Kittelson for making me think of …

A quick news update
Wed, 13/07/11 – 0:34 | No Comment

I updated my speaking engagements with a couple of events for 2011, and updated a previous entry with the latest happenings on the issue. Check it out!

The Internet teaches a lesson in copyright
Thu, 4/11/10 – 17:12 | No Comment
The Internet teaches a lesson in copyright

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A very small time publisher of a food and cooking-related magazine prints a story that they lifted off a personal project/hobbyist website, changes the technical spellings of proper terminology, and then when discovered and called out on it, the publisher’s editor gets indignant, claims everything on the Internet is public domain and that the infringed writer should be paying THEM for “fixing” the article and publishing it.

If you haven’t, then let me elaborate just a little bit.

The end of “Lost”
Fri, 28/05/10 – 21:04 | No Comment
The end of “Lost”

Last Sunday saw the conclusion of a television drama that has entered the public conversation in a way that few others have ever achieved.

A bit of code I’m working on
Fri, 28/05/10 – 20:35 | No Comment
A bit of code I’m working on

It’s only a bit of hobbyist tinkering, but I like where it’s going.

BrillEx launches Modernisto
Mon, 5/04/10 – 17:23 | No Comment

At Brilliance and Excellence, we’ve been growing! The newest addition to the family is Modernisto, a modern living blog, focusing on food, travel and the home. If that’s something up your alley you should check …

We launched BrillEx.com
Sun, 13/12/09 – 0:20 | No Comment

Just a quick plug. This month we kicked off BrillEx.com, a new blog and Internet community network focusing on topics of focused interest. Currently there’re a couple of blogs going, one for video games and …

My Top 7 iPhone Games
Wed, 1/07/09 – 19:38 | No Comment
My Top 7 iPhone Games

With the iPhone whipping gamers and developers alike into a frenzy, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about the games I’ve been playing.

Update: Six Days in Fallujah canned
Wed, 1/07/09 – 17:10 | No Comment

Konami recently announced that they would no longer be publishing the controversial shooter.
Its developers are looking for a new publisher to help them finish it out.

Gamers to spend Six Days in Fallujah
Fri, 17/04/09 – 22:22 | One Comment
Gamers to spend Six Days in Fallujah

Wargames are about to break new ground in their evolution, as Konami Digital Entertainment and Atomic Games prepare for the 2010 release of “Six Days in Fallujah,” a shooter akin to other first-person affairs that …