Blood Management

Professionally, I am a Certified Perioperative Blood Management Technician. Much like other specialists who monitor the heart, kidneys, lung function, etc., I take care of a patient’s blood with similar clinical management. Effectively, I work to help surgeons minimize the amount of blood lost intra-operatively, by salvaging the red cells lost in shed blood and re-introducing them to the patient. This reduces or eliminates the need for transfusion of banked blood, improving clinical outcomes and lowering risk factors as well.

Working in concert with anesthesia professionals and attending MDs, I work to implement Patient Blood Management ideals to ensure the best possible care for our patients.

Utilizing autologous blood recovery, eliminating the use of preoperative autologous donated blood, utilizing evidence-based transfusion triggers, vigilant anemia management and working to train and educate other health care workers on blood management and transfusion practice goes a long way toward the goal of a bloodless surgery, but they are necessary practices if we are to improve the quality of patient care going into the future.

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